Tips for Finding a Hairstyle

How to sift through a plethora of trends to find what suits you.

Short, medium, or long? Straight or curly? Natural or colored? The world of style continues to evolve around us, and how we wear our hair is no exception. So when it comes time for you to sit in that chair, what will you tell your stylist? Will you have a style picked out, or will you need their help? Here are a few tips to help you prepare.

1. Google

This option speaks for itself, really. Simply go to the famous search engine and type in keywords like “hairstyles,” “Long Bangs,” or “Celebrity Styles,” and the internet will bombard you with pictures and websites full of more pictures to sort through. The more idea you have on what you want, the more specific your search can be. Once you find something you like, simply print off a picture and take it to your stylist.

2. Magazines

The age-old answer, fashion magazines still come to the rescue. Whether you find an issue at your library or local store, the pages are full of people – most of them with hair. If you find styles you like in a magazine, either make a copy or clip out the style to show your hairdresser. Please, do not cut out a picture if you do not own the magazine.

3. Television

The trouble with using the internet is that you never know how altered the photo may be. While professional hair stylists can achieve miracles for people in front of the screen, watching television and movies can still give you a pretty good idea of how a style actually looks. When you find a style you like, you can use the internet to find a picture of the actor or reporter to use as a reference.

4. Pinterest

That’s right; the pin sight has given us another reason to become addicted. Make a board of styles you would like to try and see what your hairdresser has to say. Some pins will even show different angles, so there’s no guesswork as to what the back should look like.

5. Ask your Stylist

Ask your Stylist- hairdresser is the go-to expert on what looks good. Not only do they stay on top of the latest trends, they know hair. Texture, color, facial shape—all of these things play a role in choosing the right style. Even if you have an idea of what look you are after, your stylist will have plenty of advice on how to tailor the look to fit you. Toni and Guy Salon is known to have reputable stylist at affordable prices, be sure to give them a try!

6. Know the Rules

Unfortunately, many of us have restrictions on what we can do with our hair. Whether because of school or work, dress codes can be limiting. Some schools require you keep your hair a certain length; some places of work require hair be kept natural colors, while others ban dyeing all together. Make sure you check the dress code before taking the plunge with a different style.

7. Please Keep in Mind…

Wherever you find the style, keep a picture to show your hairdresser. They can’t read minds – they need a visual reference to match your request.

The styles won’t be exactly as the picture. Your facial shape, your hair texture and color, and your stylist’s personal flair will give the look a unique flair to make it yours.

If you decide to color your hair, experiment with a patch or streaks first. That way you can make sure the shade is what you’re after before you take the plunge and dye every strand.

If you decide to color or perm your hair, don’t forget to take something to entertain yourself with. Certain styles take time to accomplish, and when your stylist isn’t with you time can stretch on. A good book or a cellphone with unlimited date are good ideas to keep yourself occupied while you wait.

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