Tips for Healthy and Enjoyable Eating at Zizzi

Who says that you cannot eat the rich, delicious and satisfying Italian dishes at Zizzi while skipping on the guilty feelings about your calorie consumption? Of course, you can when you follow these tips to having your cake and eating it, too.

Pasta SensePasta Sense -

Italian cuisine has plenty of pasta dishes so it’s no wonder that Italian food is synonymous with pasta. The good news: Pasta especially whole grain pasta has low fat levels. The bad news: Pasta toppings, such as the cream sauce and cheeses, have high levels of saturated fat and calories.

You can, fortunately, focus on the good news about pasta by:

  • Ordering pasta as your main entrée instead of as your appetizer
  • Asking for fettuccini with marinara sauce
  • Skipping on the bacon and cheese toppings
  • Ordering more vegetables, such as mushrooms, spinach, broccoli, and bell pepper, on your pasta dish
  • Trying pasta primavera, pasta with red or white clam sauce, or pasta with marsala sauce instead of your usual cheese- or meat-filled pasta

Plus, it pays to share your pasta with another person in your group. This way, you will be able to enjoy your dish without overeating and, thus, packing on the pounds.

Substitute When Possible

You will be delighted to discover that you can make substitutions without sacrificing on the overall flavour profile. Examples include:

  • Try either minestrone soup or roasted peppers instead of fried calamari
  • Ask for skinless chicken instead of the usual chicken dish

You should also look beyond healthy eating since your table manners also matter in the overall scheme of things. In a restaurant, you can start on your meal even before the others arrive but in a private setting, you have to wait for the hostess or guest of honor to pick up his/her cutlery. You should ideally not say “Buon appetito” as it is actually considered rude in Italy.

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