To Wash Or Not to Wash Before Your Hair Appointment

Getting your hair trimmed, colored, and styled in popular salons like Rush Hair is an experience in itself. You will likely get the VIP treatment as soon as you enter the doors – the receptionist will warmly greet you and ask about your appointment, the hairdressers will efficiently perform the required tasks, and the rest of the staff will attend to your related needs.

With such great customer service, you should ideally also reciprocate by being a great customer – and we’re not just talking about cash tips here either. You have to know when to wash and when not to wash your hair before your appointment. Here are a few rules of thumb to know although you can always ask the receptionist or hairdresser about the matter.

Wash Your Hair BeforehandWash Your Hair Beforehand -

When you are coming in for a haircut, even a trim, you should wash your hair with wet shampoo and water at least a few days before your appointment. While your hair will be getting the full treatment of shampoo, rinse and dry before scissors touch it, you have to keep in mind that the hairstylist will want to see it dry first.

You cannot come in the door with dirty strands for several reasons. First, you don’t want to turn off your hairstylist because your tresses have an unpleasant smell. Second, your hairstylist will want to see your tresses while these are dry – and by see, we mean your hair will be assessed based on its physical condition, such as its thickness and type.

Third, you don’t want the hairstylist to pull out the stubborn knots and tangles in your hair. You will not only be grateful to skip the painful process but you will also appreciate that your hairstylist will be able to spend more time on actually making your hair more beautiful.

Don’t Wash Your Hair

When it comes to coloring your hair, however, you may want to skip on the wet shampoo. Instead, you can use dry shampoo a few days before your coloring appointment, which will keep your hair looking and smelling good beforehand.

Why leave your hair unwashed? This is because the shampooing and lathering motions can leave scratches on your scalp, which can become irritated when it comes into contact with the coloring chemicals. You may also give your hairstylist, or the person who washed your hair, a larger tip in case you came in with less-than-clean hair.

You have to work with your hairstylist even before your appointment on this “to wash or not to wash” matter so as to get better results.

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