Top 10 Coffee Shops to Try in London

Coffee is consumed everywhere. Judging by the number of coffee shop locations in London, it’s safe to say that everybody loves caffeine.

Nothing’s more refreshing than drinking a cup of coffee. So, here’s a list of the best independent coffee cafes to try in London.

1. Ground Control

This coffee house specializes in Ethiopian coffee. Coffee production has been a longstanding tradition in Ethiopia since it’s where the coffeaarabica plant originated. Ground Control certainly knows its beans.

2. KaffeineKaffeine -

Kaffeine, just like Costa Coffee, has become an indispensable coffee scene in London. This shop knows the “latte art” as well as various essential coffee-making skills.

3. Workshop

This coffee shop definitely knows how to brew. So, when you’re into roasting or brewing, simply visit the Workshop with locations in Holborn, Clerkenwelland Marylebone.

4. Attendant

This espresso bar offers the best coffee that came from Caravan on the Exmouth Market. It also offers the best tasting milk from the Somerset farm.

5. CaPheVN

Vietnam coffee remains to be a niche market in the area, but CaPheVN is spreading its beans like fire and coffee drinkers love it. Vietnamese-style coffee is being served every Saturday.

You’ll also want to sip a cup of CaPheVN’s white coffee, a strong espresso with condensed milk.

6. Soho Grind

This coffee shop is a perfect hideaway. Coffee drinkers love the relaxed vibe that they can obtain from this mini chain that’s packed with a Soho style. When you visit this place, you may linger into a night of cocktails or simply enjoy a unique blend of coffee.

7. Monmouth

This farmers’ coffee shop brings roasting, sourcing and brewing to a higher level. Its latest espresso blend can be found in Bermondsey, Borough and Covent Garden.

8. Federation Coffee

Brixton Village is privileged to have a coffee shop that brings an awesome touch of revolutionary spirit. Federation Coffee is all about blending the right coffee beans from different countries such as El Salvador, Sumatra, Ethiopia and Brazil.

9. Ginger and White

Some people like it black, but there are those who just can’t resist the milky coffee. Ginger and White coffee shop offers rich and flavoursome espressos. The main ingredient that is being used is Square Mile beans.

Why don’t you place an order for the Red Brick? This espresso is described as a cup with tons of cherry and buttery almond quality. Store locations can be found in Belsize Park and Hampstead.

10. Prufrock

This spacious café with a leather lane was created by Gwilym Davies, a former World Barista Champion. Top-notch espressos are served by the ounce.

This store’s care, passion and scientific approaches in producing a delightful cup of coffee are something remarkable. Coffees come in different sizes, with varied choice when it comes to beans. Cold brew is also available.

Coffee lovers don’t just go for the perfect coffee. In fact, many choose Costa Coffee because of the different blends that it continuously offers, as well as its friendly service.

Coffee shops that make a customer feel bright, light and welcoming is definitely the best place to be.

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