Top 4 Reasons to Love Pizza Express

Considered as a game changer in the pizza restaurant industry, Pizza Express offers pizza in style. For fifty years since their inception, they have been trying to keep things simple but with a twist, allowing the company to gather a lot of fans and followers over the years.

With Pizza Express prices being so friendly, their continuous growth should not surprise you as they offer so much more than just your run of the mill pizzas. What makes them a lot more lovable? Here’re a few examples:

1. The PizzaExpress Jazz Club.The PizzaExpress Jazz Club -

Music is as much a part of Pizza Express as pizza. The chain has opened its very own jazz club in 1969, just 4 years after it’s establishment.

Since then, it has been a top performance venue for jazz artists in the UK. Artists like Ella Fitzgerald, Norah Jones, Jamie Cullum, Amy Winehouse, Bud Freeman, Ruby Braff, Tommy Whittle, and Al Grey among many others were hosted in its Dean Street location, in the very basement of a Pizza Express restaurant.

This adds a whole new dimension to Pizza Express, as they’re not just out to offer pizza, but their patronage to choice music tells customers that they are passionate about other things as well.

2. Free Snowball Dough Ball Day!

Dough balls are definitely some of the most popular menu items from Pizza Express, so when they do their annual Free Snowball Dough Ball Day, everyone goes ballistic!

They announce this lovely annual event on their social media accounts, so make sure to stay tuned to their online postings.

3. Their all new Gluten-Free Dough Balls.

Gluten can be the arch enemies of many foodies, but with specific accommodations by restaurants, they’re able to battle it and enjoy the food items they love. If you’re suffering from a wheat allergy but cannot get enough of Pizza Express’ dough balls, fret no more as the Italian chain is now offering gluten-free dough balls! In addition to Pizza Express’ gluten free pizzas and beers, you can now enjoy these well-loved bites of heaven despite your dietary restrictions.

4. They’re now rolling out delivery services for more locations.

In other parts of the world, a pizza chain that doesn’t deliver is unheard of, but not with Pizza Express. It was only until recently that they’ve started to offer delivery services, much to their hungry, stay at home customers’ delight.

This service is still currently limited to a few areas, though, so customers might want to inquire with their local branches about their delivery policies.

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