Top 5 Places for Parents to Take their Kids

While you want your kids to grow up fast and tour many places during their adult years, some places are best to be seen and experienced before adulthood.

Some children are fond of visiting the Chester zoo, while others love venturing into parks and toy museums. Here are some of the best places that are considered fun, memorable and affordable for a family day out.

1. Pollock’s Toy Museum

This toy museum is crammed inside two townhouses, one that was built during the 18th century and the other during the 19th century.

You’ll find a historic haven for various types of toys on the pretty side street. The museum was named after the creator of Victorian toy theatres, Benjamin Pollock.

Diverse toys from around the world can be seen here. When you follow climb the three winding staircases, you will stumble across bruised and battered century-old bears and an Egyptian clay mouse that’s about 4,000 years old.

A Victorian nursery, dolls, toy theatres, folk toys and tin toys make up the collection.

2. Horniman Museum

During the 1860’s, Frederick John Horniman, a Victorian tea trader collected specimens and different artifacts from his worldwide travel. His personal collection was used as the foundation of this museum.

Housed in a building that was artistically designed by Charles Harrison Townsend, Horniman’s original collection can be viewed by both adults and children.

Natural history specimens, musical instruments and cultural artifacts of different shapes and sizes were collected and over a hundred years, different collections were added.

Presently, the original toys account for 10 percent of the total items inside the museum. Some of the best objects include fossils, a model dodo and a gigantic stuffed walrus.

3. London Dungeon

New features at the London Dungeon include kids’ personal encounter with Henry VIII and Guy Fawkes. Your kids will certainly be thrilled by the booming voice of actor Brian Blessed.

A cast of live actors brings life to different notorious characters that were engraved in London’s history. Famous features of the previous dungeons can still be seen such as the waxworks and the repulsive animatronics.

4. Museum of Water and SteamMuseum of Water and Steam -

London offers the best spots for kids. Aside from Chester zoo, which is one of the top attractions all year-round, get ready to be amazed by massive historic engines that were designed to pump Thames water to London’s water supply.

Next, follow Charles Dicken’s footsteps and explore London’s watery past.

The interactive waterworks are definitely unique and you can even test your muscle power at the water-pumping machines. The museum’s rotative engines can be viewed every weekend while the waterworks railway runs during Friday, Saturday, Sunday and even bank holidays.

5. Madame Tussauds

Let your kids rub shoulders with Posh, Brad Pitt, Becks and Kylie when they visit Madame Tussauds. This place showcases various waxworks of famous historical and contemporary figures.

You could even spot some gruesome relics or memoirs of the French revolution. Apart from viewing many lifelike sculptures, you can also win a goal for UK while David Beckham watches or give a speech in front of the UN leaders.

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