Top 5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Play Tennis

Good health, better stamina, excellent posture and the best hand-and-eye coordination – these are just some of the benefits that you can obtain from playing tennis.

Learn how to succeed - how to succeed

Winning a tennis game is no joke. You have to adapt to your opponent’s style, improve your game, think about the right strategy and develop a line of attack that will eventually land a score. In case you fail to do so, you’ll lose. The lessons that you’ve learned inside the tennis court could also be applied in real life situations.

You must not put down your guard. Be alert at all times. David Lloyd learned the hard way, but he’s learned to use his brain and skills to win. There are better players and you’ll meet them on the court. At times, you’ll have to face defeat, but the beauty of tennis is that you can improve your style and move up to a higher level.

Health benefits

This particular sport requires balance, speed, coordination, strength, agility, endurance and other skill sets. You’re in for a lot of workout. When you play singles, you’ll be burning 600 calories an hour.

Can you think of a better way to lose weight? Running from one corner to another and swinging the racquet a hundred times will certainly help you get in the right shape.

For adults, the mental demands of playing tennis keeps the brain engaged. This is extremely important as one reaches his senior year. Playing well and winning matches will improve one’s attitude and mental state.

Mental fortitude

Aside from dealing with your opponent’s skill level, there are other factors to consider when playing tennis. Some of these factors include the crowd, injuries, sun, wind, heat, pressure on big points, expectations, bad calls and money involved.

You won’t be able to win matches if you cannot deal with these things.

Professional tennis players like David Lloyd learned to overlook things that are beyond their control and visualize those that can be controlled such as attitude, performance and strategy.

You have to admit the truth that tennis plays an important role in developing mental strength.

Dealing with defeat

Just like any other sport, tennis has its ups and downs. Losing a match or two can certainly be tough on the player’s psyche. How a player deals with losing determines his success at a later time. Tennis teaches an individual how to bounce back in case of tough circumstances.

Plan well

Planning is an important skill that should be developed in tennis. In fact, a lot of planning is needed. You’d have to figure out the best practice routine, schedule tournaments and chart out the timeframe for learning the right stroke.

You’ll never improve your skill without planning. Set goals and create plans that will help achieve them.

Your social connections matter in this particular sport. You’ll be meeting people of varied professions, but just like you, they’re fond of playing tennis. Interaction is essential.

It’s how you’ll be able to understand the right swings or strokes. In addition, having a group of tennis friends would mean having a personal cheering squad during your matches.

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