Top 7 Activities to be Enjoyed with Kids in London

Kids drive you crazy when they start asking endless questions, bounce on the furniture, break something inside the house or change the television channel every five seconds.

So, what’s the best thing to do? Find fun activities that you can enjoy with your kids. Going to the movie house like Odeon Theatre, visiting parks and even going to the museum could do the trick.

1. Go Karting at the Capital Karts

Who’s the quickest? Moms and dads, it’s time to show your kids that you’re still fast and furious. Go karting will let you enjoy a race with your son or and daughter.

The Capital Karts has the longest indoor racing track and even cater to special sessions for kids. If you’re brave enough to enter the race, go karting is highly recommended.

2. Cycling Tours

Kids love to explore every spot in London on two wheels. Whizzing past several top attractions will let your kids see the city in its finest. You should take a cycling tour through the city, along the river and into the parks. Don’t forget to stop along the way for some classic photographs.

3. Shrek’s Adventure TourShrek's Adventure Tour -

While watching a Shrek movie at the Odeon Theatre is quite enjoyable, there’s still another way for your kid to enjoy the best Shrek adventure.

The live shows, classic set ups from different Shrek films and special effects made this particular tour unforgettable.

Your kid will have the opportunity to meet characters like Shrek, the Magic Mirror and Pinocchio.

4. Speedboat Tour

Whizzing up the Thames River in a speedboat is quite a thrill for kids and adults, alike. It’s one of the most thrilling ways to see London.

Simply get on board the speedy RIB and enjoy the tour to different attractions like the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and Coca Cola London Eye.

5. Up at the O2

Up at the O2 is perfect for kids who are at least ten years old. Capture the moment in a film as your kids enjoy the ride and view London’s top entertainment complex taken from a new angle.

6. Alexandra Palace Ice Rink

This place is great for skaters of different age levels. If your kid is not a skater yet, it’s time to enrol him at a public skating class.

Daily skating sessions are being conducted at the rink on a daily basis. Ice skating and scooting lessons are also provided for kids who are below 8 years old.

As your kid enjoys skating, you can also enjoy the view of the area that’s surrounded by a parkland, a skate park and a boating lake.

7. Go Ape Trent Park

Tree-top adventures are waiting for you and your kid at the Go Ape Park. Enjoy the view from above the trees as you take on high ropes, Tarzan swings and zip wires. Go Ape is also home to the epic Skateboard Zip. There are many things to enjoy in this park and your kid will surely want to revisit soon.

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