Top 7 Reasons to Watch Movies in a Theatre Rather than at Home

While curling up on your couch while watching your favorite movie is quite tempting, there are some experiences that one can only get when inside a local cinema such as Cineworld. Here are several reasons why many still prefer to watch new movies in a plush seat of a chilly and dark theatre:

Avoid spoilersAvoid spoilers -

Take part in the conversation. If you want to know what really transpired in the film, then it’s time to head to the movie house with your friends. No more speculations and guessing. Nothing’s more embarrassing than listening to your pals talk about a movie that you didn’t even watch. They’d be telling stories that will eventually spoil your interest.

Home theatres are good, but they’re not that great

Maybe you’ve spent a hefty amount on your 90-inch 3D television, complete with a Blu-ray player and surround sound; however, some theatre experiences just can’t be replicated by a home theatre. Movie spectacles and breathtaking skyscrapers in various movies won’t be able to fit in your house.

Never discount the truth that movies were made to be viewed in a theatre

Great films will always be amazing, whether you watch it at home or at Cineworld. But remember that the filmmaker intended for his movies to be viewed in a dark theatre and on a big screen. Here, you cannot pause right in the middle of an important scene just to put your laundry in a dryer.

Food and drinks have gotten better

Most movie goers groaned about the price of movie snacks, but it’s a good thing that the choices have improved a lot. Many theatres in London have branched out from nachos and popcorn.

They’ve included meals such as fries, chicken fingers and burgers. Healthier options like pretzels and prepackaged packs of hummus are also being sold.

In addition, movie houses are also offering cocktails for moviegoers. Some people don’t even care about food, as long as they have a tasty beverage to drink while enjoying the movie.

You no longer need to stay up late for midnight movies

You don’t have to drag your sleepy-eyed carcass on a Friday morning since studious now release films on Thursday nights. Simply geek out and have fun with your friends after the movie is released by 7pm. No need to worry about feeling tired and sleepy the next day.

Support your preferred movies and wish for more to be made

Remember that producing movies is a business. The bigwigs who are in charge of creating these movies actually base their decision to produce more films or not on the box office outcome. Hence, if you want them to produce more of your favourite films, then let your voice be heard by voting with your pounds.

It is all about shared experiences

The moment you watch movies at the theatre, you are sharing the experience with everybody around you. Nothing compares to watching films in a large room full of people that are gasping, crying or laughing at the same time as they experience a story.

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