Top 9 Unique Movie Theaters in Britain

With the quick rise of downloadable media and piracy, the number of movie theater patrons is slowly decreasing. To address this problem, some movie theaters in London offer amazing settings and additional perks to movie goers (although Empire will show the the same movie). These unique movie theaters and pop-up cinemas will really make you want to set your next movie date right away.

  1. Route 66 Drive-in Cinema – Want to watch a movie in your car? This cinema pays homage to the drive-in cinemas in America with its enormous 20x15m screen. Prices are per car so you can bring as many friends as you want as long as they fit in your vehicle. Plus, the food is directly delivered to your car’s door.
  2. The Station – This unique cinema is built inside the former railway hub that once connected Richmond to other places. At first look, it may seem old fashioned, but this theater actually plays the newest Hollywood films.
  3. The Hot Tub Cinema – Want to watch a movie while relaxing in a tub? It is possible with this cinema. Each tub can seat 6 to 12 people. You can rent a tub with your family and group friends or share the tub with strangers. It is a unique way to meet new people.       Waiters serve food and drinks while you are watching.
  4. Backyard Cinema – This cinema offers a home-like atmosphere for viewers. They seat on deckchairs, beanbags, and sofas while the waiters serve high quality food and cocktails. The viewers are allowed to sing and dance to the film’s tunes.
  5. The Floating Cinema – Movie in a barge? This unique cinema in London takes the form of a canal boat designed by Duggan Morris architects. The boat travels along London’s waterways and stops to show outdoor screenings or host on-board talks, workshops, and performances.
  6. Secret Cinema – This special cinema encourages the viewers to wear costumes and go to a secret location that is designed to look like a film setting. Viewers can mingle with actors before the film starts. Sign up and reservations are required for this cinema.
  7. Edible Cinema – Food in the cinema is upgraded to a higher level in this movie theater. They give customers a tray of food and drinks to enhance movie experience. Each item on the tray must be consumed during different parts of the movie. For example, the audience was asked to drink poison, which is actually a gin cocktail, when Juliet kills herself.
  8. Rooftop Film Club – This pop-up cinema plays old and new movies in different rooftop Rooftop Film Club  - They provide blankets and excellent wireless headphones. Just make sure that you are not afraid of heights because the location might make you feel dizzy.
  9. Electric Cinema – Looking for a comfortable place? Aside from its sixty-five leather armchair seats, this famous cinema also has three two-seater sofas and six double beds in the front row. You can lie down and relax while you are watching a movie. They also provide cashmere blankets if ever you will feel cold. Just make sure that the movie that you are watching is interesting so you would not fall asleep.

If you want to experience a different level of movie watching, visit one of these movie theaters or if you have the means, try them all. If you’d like to stick to a “regular” theatre, try Empire Theatre.

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