Top Things to Do at the Knowsley Safari Park

Knowsley Safari Park treats its visitors to the best performances of the California Sea Lion, Arthur, Biffo, Roger and Reggie.

Daily Sea Lion Show

This is considered as one of the most famous attractions and it’s also perfect for families and kids of all ages. The lion show is not only fantastic to watch, it is also informative and educational. Expert presenters share lots of amazing and interesting facts regarding sea lions.

You may ask questions after the show. The presenters are happy to answer any queries related to sea lions. Show times are from 12:30PM to 1:30 PM and 3:00PM to 4:00 PM.

View the Sea Lion Pool

Sea lions have a resting place when they’re not included in the show. These creatures love to relax in a brilliant outdoor pool. Here, the sea lions play, swim and sunbathe even during summer.

View the Sea Lions Under Water 

There’s a viewing area where visitors can enjoy watching the underwater antics of sea lions. This proved to be a hit with Safari Park visitors. Sea lions love to let people see their remarkable skills and the viewers were always amazed by their multiple talents.

Aside from jumping and running, these sea lions are able to balance balls placed on their nose. They can also catch rings and even do several impressions such as that of a porpoise, shark and seal. The sea lion show’s finale is incredibly superb as it ends with the high ball jump. This antic always makes the audience cheer with applause.

Fun for the Family

Everybody will enjoy watching the sea lions show since these creatures have their own personality. Children, adults and even seniors are bound to leave with a huge smile printed on their faces.

Meet Biffo - Biffo

Biffo is the most dominant sea lion and he’s also the oldest. He’s intelligent but very calm. He’s one of the best sea lions at the Knowsley Safari Park. You’ll meet this guy when you join in the “Keeper for the Day” program.

Meet Arthur

Arthur is considered the most intelligent sea lion at the Knowsley Safari Park. He was born in 2004. He’s extremely adaptable and never afraid to try anything.

Meet Reggie

It was in 2010 when Reggie first joined the sea lions gang. He was only 10 months old then but was ready to jump and do every antic the other sea lions are doing.

Meet Roger

Roger came from Belgium. He joined the sea lions group in 2014. A lot of people think that he’s the cutest member. Meet this fellow when you visit the Knowsley Safari Park.

There are different activities to enjoy during your visit. You’ll never run out of choice. If you want to get up close and personal with the sea lions gang, simply buy tickets for the family and have the most wonderful day out ever.

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