UK’s Must Try All You Can Eat Restaurants

It is really a great experience to eat in a fine restaurant like Pret a Manger. But have you ever felt that you’ve been cheated by some ‘classy’ restaurant because their price does not seem to justify the quality of their food?

Fortunately for you there are good all-you-can-eat restaurants that will shame the chefs of even the plushest restaurants in UK. Here are some of them:

Aroma W12 Aroma W12 -

The Chinese buffet menu that Aroma W12 offers has excellent value even with its low price. You can eat lunch in this place at only £6.80. And if you are forced to stay out for dinner, this restaurant will only set you back at £12.50. The place is located at Shephers Bush Green W12 8PP.

Hi Sushi Salsa

This place effectively combines Japanese and Latin flavours. It is a favourite of the crowd since it is bustling nearly all nights of the week. But beware: the music is a bit loud and the tables are sunken – just like those in Japan. But at £16, you will get limitless sashimi and sushi. They are located at 3A Camden Lock, NW1 7BY.

Rodzio Rico

This place is the original Brazilian churrascaria in London. It operates in the traditional way where the waiters continue to deliver different grilled meats to your table until you signal them to stop, by flipping your green card to red. That tells the waiters that you are already full. They offer chicken, beef, ribs, pork and sausages. This place is located at 111 Westbourne Grove W2 4UW.


Tibits is not really a restaurant where you can eat all you want. But they allow you to get various dishes from the buffet table. You can choose to get a hot or cold veggie dishes, and pile your plate as high as you want and just pay according to the weight of the food you’ve taken. Most of their dishes are quite good, although some may need to be tried first to accustom your palate. They are located at 12 – 14 Heddon Street W1B 4DA.

Kitchin N1

This place is special because the chefs will prepare your food in their island-kitchen at the centre of the restaurant’s dining room. Their menu consists of an interesting mix of Chinese, Thai, Indian and Italian dishes. You need to try the Wok Station where you can choose the ingredients you want the chefs to cook. Their lunch starts from £8.99 and dinner at £14.99. This place is located at 8 Caledonia Street N1 9DZ.

Tara Tari

This all-you-can-eat restaurant offers various popular dishes from across the globe. These include chilli con carne, sushi and peri peri chicken. If you really want to eat a different kind of dish, you need to try their Indian selections. Buffet for dinner at this restaurant starts from £13.95. The place is located in 117 Finchley Road NW3 6HY.


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