Virgin Active Offers Innovative Gym Equipment

Virgin Active’s innovation team continuously offers the best gym equipment for its clients. The industry’s best insight, research, expertise and trends were brought together to generate bespoke products that are capable of delivering outcomes. These innovations also keep the workouts fresh and engaging.

Smartphone-Syncing Equipment and Fitness Trackers

Virgin Active gym offers the latest Smartphone-syncing equipment and fitness trackers. The smart wristband is used to track the user’s workouts and sync exercises between their Smartphone and equipment.

London gyms located in Cannon Street and Paddington offers fitness trackers and these are included in the membership plan. These newly opened gyms are part of Virgin Active’s £100M investment programme.

The fitness trackers can be utilized to swipe in or out of the gym. You no longer have to use your membership card. In addition, fitness trackers work as locker keys. Use your tracker to measure workout out details both at home and in the gym.

Digital Recording System

Aside from keeping a digital record of all workouts, new fitness machines at the London gyms include portals for YouTube and Skype. It’s as if the user hasn’t detached from social media even for a minute. You can talk to your friends via Skype, play online games, and browse through the Internet while posting on Facebook.

Fitbit, Nike and Jawbone companies are also offering fitness trackers. But Virgin Active hopes to lure its members away from other gyms. Likewise, Virgin Active offers an incentive to pay relatively higher membership charges compared with cheaper and less tech-savvy options like Pure Gym and The Gym.

Andy Caddy, Chief information officer described the growth of fitness trackers as “positive trend.” As more people start using these applications, they’ll be able to track how active they are outside of the gym.

Lifestyle TrackerLifestyle Tracker -

Virgin Active wants to ensure that their members’ activeness isn’t limited to what’s happening at the club. It’s also important to consider their entire lifestyle. Virgin Active has over 400,000 members that obtain the best in the fitness world.

Virgin Active provides a one-stop-shop when it comes to one’s health and wellbeing needs. This fitness club seeks to be different from others. It has generously sized and high quality facilities that include cycle, yoga studios, gym floors, swimming pools, sauna, spa areas, tennis, steam rooms and other racquet sports.

Gym for Everyone

Everyone fit or unfit, young or old are welcome at the club. Kids’ offering, health and beauty offerings, social areas, cafes and crèche facilities are available at Virgin Active. It’s a growing company with plans to continuously expand across the globe.

The first club was opened in Bangkok, Thailand in 2014. Two clubs were opened in Italy and seven clubs were established in South Africa. Virgin Active expanded its presence in the iconic Milan as three clubs were recently acquired at the heart of the city.

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