Workout Bag Essentials For Women

Many women are becoming more active in gyms such as Fitness First. As we become more conscious about our health and figures, we hit the gym more often. If you go to the gym before or after your work, you need a handy gym bag and some gym materials inside it. Here are some gym essentials for women:

  • Workout Clothes – These clothes should be made of stretchable and breathable fabric. You should be able to move freely while wearing these clothes. You must consider the type of workout that you are doing before buying your gym attire.
  • Workout Bag Essentials For Women1 - Workout Shoes – Do not just use any kind of shoes. Your training shoes should be durable
    and comfortable. Cheap, poor quality shoes can cause blisters and foot injuries. You should invest in a good pair of trainers.
  • Bottle of Water – You need water to hydrate your self after much sweating. You can also choose to bring your favorite sports drink.
  • Light Snacks – You should not hit the gym with an empty stomach. However, even if you have already eaten breakfast, you may still feel hungry during or after workouts. This is the reason why bringing light snacks like cereal bars or fruits may be helpful.
  • Towel – There are gyms which do not provide towels so it is better to bring your own. You can bring two towels: one for your sweat and the other for your use after taking the shower.
  • Shower Flip Flops – Even the cleanest shower rooms may still have germs. You would not want to walk around barefoot. Flip flops are very light to bring and you can wear them right after you remove your shoes.
  • Shower Kit – Some gyms already provide shampoos and conditioners, but some do not so it is better to bring your own set of shampoo, body soap, and other shower materials.
  • After Shower Kit – This includes deodorants, moisturizer, lotion, and make-up. This kit is very important if you are going straight to work or to school after your workout sessions.
  • Extra Clothes – Of course you will need clean clothes after shower. These should be light and easy to fit inside your bag.
  • Sanitary Pads or Tampons – It is really hard to predict the wetness down there. If you are not sure about your menstrual period schedule, you should always have these in your bag. Most gyms do not have pad and tissue dispensers so you should be prepared to avoid awkward moments of having blood spots in your clothes.
  • First Aid Kit – Accidents happen everywhere. It is better to be prepared with few bandages and medications.
  • Lock – Most gyms have lockers but they do not provide locks so it is really better if you bring your own. It will help you secure your important belongings. If you can avoid bringing valuable items to the gym, do so.

Reading through the list may make you think that these materials are too much. They can be a bit heavy and spacious but all of these gym essentials can help you maximize your gym experience at Fitness First.

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