YO! Sushi: Japanese Specialties for British Tastes

Love to eat sushi? You do not need to travel to Japan to enjoy the delicious taste of your favorite Japanese food. YO! Sushi brings a wide range of sushi to your British plates.

What is its story?

Founded by Abdulrahman “Big Zub” Ali in January 22, 1997, YO! Sushi opened its first restaurant in Poland Street, Soho, London. Just after four years, the restaurant became a leader of sushi restaurants across the country.

In 2010, the company opened its 50th branch in Market Place, London. The restaurants are located across United Kingdom, with a majority of them in London.

YO! Sushi is not just popular among its British patrons; it is also recognized by people around the world. The restaurant won two awards in 2010 for ‘Best Restaurant Website in the World’ at the Webby Awards: the main Judge’s award (experts in the digital world) and the People’s Voice award (voted by the public).

Why is it so special?What's the Story

The restaurant specializes in serving sushi to customers using the Japanese style ‘kaiten’ conveyor belt method. As the customers get their food, they can also see the chefs prepare Japanese food. This feature assures the customers that their foods are fresh and properly prepared.

YO! Sushi serves different kinds of nori (seaweed) rice rolls like avocado maki, cucumber maki, california maki, salmon maki, tuna maki, and a special YO Roll which is made of avocado, salmon, mayo, orange, rice, and nori. You can also try to make your own hand roll by choosing three fillings for your seaweed cone.

Aside from sushi’s, the restaurant also serves crispy tempura, hot miso soups, fresh salads, classic teriyaki meals, takoyaki, sashimi, and gyoza dumplings. If you are allergic to sea foods, you can choose their chicken and vegetable options.

If you have a sweet tooth, the restaurant also offers common desserts like fresh fruits chocolates, and strawberry cheese cakes. They also have Japanese desserts like Custard Doriyaki (Japanese pancakes filled with custard) and Mochi (soft and chewy Japanese rice cake balls with fillings).

What do customers say?

Many customers love the idea of using conveyor belt in serving. It really makes them feel like they are in an authentic Japanese restaurant. Also, they like the freshness of the food. Of course if you eat raw fish, freshness is the first thing that you will notice.

The customers are also happy that the restaurant provides a calorie count for each serving so health buffs are aware of their calorie intake. They also list all the ingredients of their foods.

On the downside, the prices of their food are a bit high, but it is quite common for sushi to be quite expensive so that is still fine. Also, their restaurants can be quite full in the afternoon until night.

Today YO! Sushi continues to serve pieces of urban Japanese food to more than 6 million customers daily. If you are craving for a piece of sushi, drop by this restaurant and you will surely go home full and satisfied.

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