Your Daily Caffeine Dose

Finding a café that fits your life and your tastes

It seems nowadays that there is a coffee shop or café on every corner – sometimes more than one. So how do you find the best place to get your daily dose of tea, coffee, or a light snack? While choosing a caffeinated hangout isn’t necessarily down to a science, here are some tips on finding a café that works for you.

  • Check out the Shop

Wherever you decide to get your daily dose of caffeine, check out the shop and see if it appeals to you. While some consumers need a quick grab’n’go solution, others prefer to sit and relax in the establishment of their choice. Check out a few different cafes such as Costa Coffee and see what appeals to you more.

  • Investigate the Menu

Two things are a given: coffee and tea. But some cafes offer hot chocolate, smoothies, and snacks. Take a peek at the menu and see if it fits your taste buds. There may come a day when you need to grab some breakfast with that coffee, or a sandwich with that tea. Make sure you know what options are available.

Do you have any dietary restrictions? Ask the staff if they have food to fit your needs. Whether you can’t have lactose or gluten or nuts, be sure that the other food won’t come in contact with these ingredients.

  • Fit your Schedule

Need something quick, or have time to lounge? Heading in a particular direction? Find a café that’s your speed and in your area. If you need to get in and out fast, then make sure the café of your choice doesn’t slouch on fast orders. For the fitness fan, some gyms offer cafes inside their locations – two birds, one stone.

  • Helping the Earth and All Within

While you might not want green in your food, depending what you’ve ordered, as an environmental practice it’s one of the best colors out there. If you find you don’t have any preference in regards to drink and food options, location, or speediness, try taking into account how the business handles the environment. How do they handle energy consumption and water consumption? Where does their coffee and tea come from? How are they giving back to the community? Many cafes partner with local charities, while others spread their reach to other nations. Don’t be afraid to make your decision based on what charity the business supports.

  • Chain Stores versus Small Business

Both chain stores and small business cafes have pros and cons. With chain stores, you can always have your “usual,” regardless of location. With small businesses, you’re supporting the local economy more significantly. Atmosphere and employees can be different between each location, as well. Even price can be affected. Don’t become so lost in the fads that you lose sight of something special.

  • Don’t be a café snobDon't Be Cafe Snob -

You don’t have to use the same café every day. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with more than one café – you never know when your needs will change. Perhaps one day you’d like go hang out and catch up with friends, while another you need to grab’n’go. Don’t be one of those people who outright complain every time they have to try a new location or a new coffee. There is nothing wrong with having a favorite, but just because plans change doesn’t mean you should take your frustration out on the employees or other patrons.

Whether you go for tea, coffee, or one of the alternative menu items, cafes can make both good snack stops and long-term hangouts.

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